Company helps homeowners after unexpected disasters

Published 12:30 am Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sean Wood, owner of Rainbow International Restoration.

Sean Wood, owner of Rainbow International Restoration.

When it opened in the 1980s, Rainbow International Restoration (RIR) focused on providing carpet dying services to homeowners.

The company no longer dyes carpets but offers home and business owners a helping hand after their home or office is damaged by fire, water or other means.

Through Rainbow International Restoration of Huntington, owners Sean and Carma Wood work to insure that home and business owners around the Tri-State have access to restoration services ranging from water, sewage and mold removal to elimination of smoke and pet odors.

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Working through insurance agencies, Sean Wood said RIR focuses on bridging the gap between insurance companies and home and business owners who need help restoring their home or business.

“We are the ally of both,” said Wood.

Wood said homeowners sometimes don’t know where to turn when they have unexpected damages to their homes and often call their insurance companies after trying to fix damages to their property on their own.

“They want to be able to get things restored,” said Wood. “They spend hours trying to suck two or three inches of water out of their basement, so then they finally…call their insurance agent. Most people don’t know there are people who do this work.”

For people looking to eliminate lingering odors from smoke or pets, RIR provides odor removal and carpet cleaning services.

Wood believes it is better for people to seek professional help fixing damages than it is to try to fix things on their own. People often try to remove water from their homes but don’t realize that moisture can linger and lead to mold growth within a few days, said Wood.

“They don’t realize how much is left in the drywall,” said Wood. “Now they have a huge problem because their home is infested with mold.”

When it comes to restoring buildings after damages and removing water, RIR focuses on using special techniques, equipment and scientific methods to restore the building.

“That’s what is a big benefit (of the services),” said Wood. “The sooner we can get there the more we can do.

The goal of RIR is to get buildings back to the condition they were in before damages occurred.

“We want to be a help,” said Wood.

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