Tax lien sale helps out county

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In a time when many governmental offices are faced with a financial crunch and searching for ways to bring in funding to provide for various needs, one of the ways to bring in money is through the tax lien sale scheduled for Sept. 28 by the county treasurer’s office.

While it can be a complicated matter with many moving parts, generating nearly $2 million for these entities provides a valuable benefit for all while holding property owners who have not met their tax obligations accountable.

This has been a successful resource for Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Burcham to use in the past, and selling 710 parcels at once later this month allows a path to recoup a significant portion of the back taxes owed on these properties.

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While the best option would be for all those owners to come forward and pay the taxes owed in full rather than selling the tax liens to one company, it is important to remember that these parcels are not held by owners who have showed a willingness to fulfill their responsibilities.

Regardless of which option is the final outcome, working to ensure the taxes are paid is the top priority.

Ultimately, it will be the residents, municipalities and schools of Lawrence County that will benefit in the long run.