School spirit lasting

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 6, 2015

As the new school year has gotten into full swing, so have the athletic and other school-related events for the fall season. A new school year and start to the season brings a renewed sense of community and school spirit at stadiums and gyms across the region.

However, that sense of pride can quickly fade if the season doesn’t get off to a good start, but that is the worst thing that can happen.

Community spirit is about more than wins and losses on the field, as these students are giving their all and working toward a common goal.

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These kids are not being paid to play, but rather for the love of their respective sport or activity. They work all week to make the catch, nail a backflip, hit the right note or score a goal or point for their team.

All of these activities for our children provide various benefits that can be used in life after they graduate from school. Whether it is teaching to trust someone, desire, dedication or hard work, many of the lessons learned through these activities can have a profound effect as they grow.

Athletic and other school events are also vital because just like the team, the community comes together to cheer on our children to achieve those goals.

Ultimately, being there as a community and supporting our children regardless of the outcome can far outweigh the results listed on the scoreboard.