10 Million Steps to Prevent Walks raises awareness

Published 9:35 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gathering at the Ironton Farmers Market on Wednesday, local residents and businesses met to participate in 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls. The walk was sponsored by the Ironton City Health Department in partnership with Steady U.

The walk aimed to raise awareness about the risk of falls in seniors and provided seniors with information about fall prevention.

“It’s all about (how) falls aren’t a normal part of aging,” said Brown. “This is about 10 Million Steps across Ohio.”

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Brown said that the goal for this year’s event was to have participants collectively walk 180,000 steps to raise awareness.

Vendors at the walk provided health and wellness information to seniors.

“I’m 86,” said Irene Howard, who got her temperature and blood pressure checked at one of the booths at the walk. “I think it’s good for old people to come over and get things.”

Dave Lucas, director of the Lawrence County Health and Wellness Initiative, said that falls are a frequent problem for seniors.

“The No. 1 reason seniors go to the hospital is because of falls,” said Lucas.

Events like the walk are important to the community because it is a way to provide health resources to residents, said Lucas.

Lucas said that he would like to see the event continue.

“I would like to see (the health department) do this annually,” said Lucas.

Walking the mile-long course at the event, Dr. William Basedow, a physician, emphasized the importance of raising awareness about falls.

“There’s got to be an awareness,” said Basedow. “One out of three (people) over the age of 65 will have a fall. A lot of people die because of hip fractures.”