Bibb remembered for inspiring influence

Published 9:25 am Friday, September 25, 2015

Bethany Bibb, a 2012 graduate of Ironton High School, lost her battle with cystic fibrosis this week. Those who knew Bibb recall her outlook on life and the impact she had upon other people.

“She always saw the positive no matter what,” said Beth Johnson, a mathematics teacher at IHS. “Faithful, God-loving, courageous.”

During Bibb’s battle with cystic fibrosis, the community and high school rallied to raise funds to help Bibb.

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“She brought the community together without even realizing it,” said Johnson.

IHS band director Jeff Sanders recalled the influence that Bibb, a trumpet player in the school’s marching band, had upon other band members.

“She would lift them up like second nature,” said Sanders. “She was a very good trumpet player. She was happy no matter what was flung at her. Her belief in God was…unbelievable.”

Even when she couldn’t play in the band because of the effect the disease had on her lungs, Bibb still showed up to practices and watched from the sidelines.

“She wanted to play,” said Johnson. “She missed it.”

Joe Rowe, IHS principal, said that Bibb had a positive impact on the school.

“She was an inspiration to us. Bethany always had a radiant smile and love for life,” said Rowe. “Her words always carried a lot of weight. When she spoke it was profound. She was respected by people. She was revered by students.”

After graduating from high school, Bibb attended Marshall University where she was preparing for a career.

“She was wanting to go into the medical field,” said Johnson. “She had that compassion.”