Eastburn inspires community

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 27, 2015

We all face challenges on a daily basis that are a result of a variety of factors.

This is certainly the case for those who face this each day without a limb like an arm, leg, hand or foot; but many meet this challenge directly and don’t let it stop them while working to be an inspiration to others.

The same can be said for Brett Eastburn who was born without arms and legs, but seeks to inspire others not to let limitations like this be a defining factor.

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Statistics show, over 1 million people in the United States live without a limb.

It is important for us to remember each day not to always look at the negative in a given situation, but rather to see the positives and seek ways to help others who might be going through a something similar.

This is true for our lives personally but also for our communities. Lawrence County and the region are fortunate to have so many who seek to be inspiration and overcome the negatives.

Ultimately, we should all work to be an inspiration for our family, friends and community.