Chesy center to have fundraiser to get furnace turned back on

Published 10:48 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CHESAPEAKE — The crunch is on for the Chesapeake Community Center to get the heat on before winter.

Right now the center owes approximately $2,200 in back natural gas charges

“It is the remaining balance from last winter’s heating season,” the Rev. Charles Case, center board member, said.

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The original bill hit $4,000, adding to that is a monthly $80 for gas consumption during spring and summer. To save money the center now cancels its account with the gas company starting in April until the winter months.

“It is seasonal,” Case said. “We have electric bills in the winter time that average $750 a month. In the summer time they are $1,100 and $1,200.”

To help pay down the winter gas bill, the center will have a booth at the upcoming Octoberfest on the second Saturday in the month selling tacos in a bag for $5.

Fundraisers like this along with membership fees and rentals bring in on average just under $3,000 a month — $1,690 from memberships and $1,086 from rentals..

“It is a fluctuating mix of rentals and special fundraising projects like private ghost hunts and wrestling events,” Case said.

Besides a site for sports and fitness events, the center also provides headquarters for the Christian Mission Outreach food pantry that serves families in the eastern end.

“They have to have a somewhat comfortable building to house the food pantry,” Case said. “It is part of the continual cycle of blessing people.”