County’s history showcased

Published 10:47 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We have all seen portrayals of history, either in a textbook, in school or on television. But how often do we get to see history brought to life in person?

That was the case this past Saturday during the annual Woodland Cemetery Walk hosted by the Lawrence County Historical Society.

This is a wonderful event that showcases some of Lawrence County’s famous figures that had a large impact on shaping our county’s history in a variety of ways.

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Many of those figures who are buried in the cemetery got the chance to tell their respective story through re-enactors and truly bring those individuals to life.

Another important element is that all those who portray these historic individuals each year are volunteers who want to be a part of something special and give back to our community while providing information that is both fascinating and enlightening.

We applaud all those involved in putting this event on each year, as it is a large undertaking from a planning and logistics perspective while affording many the opportunity to learn more about Lawrence County’s rich history.

Hearing about history firsthand is something that can’t be found in a textbook or on television.