County gains $1M in back taxes

Published 10:50 am Thursday, October 1, 2015

Notification that their property would be part of a negotiated tax lien sale in September sent taxpayers to the county treasurer’s office to pay their tax bill or set up a contract for payment.

“We had a tremendous number of people come in to set up on contract,” Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Burcham said.

Four weeks ago delinquent taxpayers were notified of the lien sale to TaxEase of Cincinnati. During that period the county gained more than $1 million in back taxes, Burcham said.

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Those back taxes were either paid in full or will be paid on a contract.

Representatives from one company paid over $82,000 in delinquent taxes in September.

With those parcels removed from the tax lien sale, there are now 77 parcels TaxEase is buying for $250,000.