Community input important

Published 12:19 am Sunday, October 4, 2015

Something I have always thought is that I might only recognize my favorite radio DJ or sports announcer by their voice. I would likely not know them if I was walking down the street and didn’t hear voice.

The same can certainly be said in some cases for those in the newspaper business, as many times you may only get to see their respective name attached to a story or only see their name in the staff listing.

However, would you know them if you passed them on the street or saw them in a business or restaurant? Although I am hopeful you would, some would likely respond no.

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We, as a staff are out in the community every day in some form or fashion, but you may only know us as the photographer, reporter or marketing person.

As we quickly move closer to a new year, as a staff, we are always evaluating things from those stories that are important to our communities and readers to how can we best help our advertising partners most effectively promote their business.

One of the most important aspects of what we do at The Tribune is to always strive to be Lawrence County’s source for news, sports and advertising, and I feel we do those things well. But equally as vital is to continuously work to be a good community partner.

So, as I began to think about various ways to ensure The Tribune continues to do our part as a member of the community, and although many members of the staff are involved in several of the civic organizations or involved in various events throughout the county, we can always look for ways to improve.

While thinking about it recently, I began to think about ways to ensure we are, in fact, doing our part. One of those items was starting a monthly roundtable of sorts.

These gatherings would be held once per month and include myself along with a member of our staff, and could be a way to put a face with the name you see in the newspaper each day.

While no definite locations or dates have been set at this time, my goal is to begin these events around the first of the year and could be held at a local restaurant, library or business throughout the county.

Ultimately, is this something you as a reader would find beneficial? If so, please feel free to email me at

This gives you, the reader the opportunity to meet The Tribune staff and discuss a variety of topics that could include things you would like to see in the paper, things you like or don’t like, or just to get to know us better.

We value the input our readers provide, as The Tribune ultimately belongs to the communities we serve throughout Lawrence County.

As the details are finalized, you can watch for updates in future editions of The Tribune for dates, times and locations.

I hope to see you there.