Pets come forward for blessings

Published 3:41 pm Saturday, October 10, 2015

Little Bird came to the pet blessing at Resurrection Hope United Methodist Church in her best bib and tucker. But when pastor Terry Jones came toward her with the dish of holy water on Saturday, the pug wasn’t sure she wanted any part of it.

But with her owner, Terri Boggs, by her side, she decided it was all right.

Dipping his fingers into the glass, Jones made the sign of the cross on the dog’s forehead and blessed the animal in the name of the Trinity.

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“May you have many more healthful and helpful days with your owners,” Jones said.

This was the third year for the church to offer the pet blessing whose date coincides closely with the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.

The morning began with a reading from the Book of Genesis followed by prayers for sick animals and well animals.

“This is to show we love more than people,” Jones said. “Everybody here (at the church) has animals.”

God created the animals with man to take dominion of them, the pastor said..

“We haven’t done a good job of taking care of them,” he said. “We have so many strays and abused animals.”