Commissioner not cost conscious

Published 10:19 am Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mr. Pratt stated he was chairman of a committee which studied the jail issue for some time.

I believe they took about one year before agreeing to accept the deal the state offered concerning the former juvenile detention center.

Then, later, considering the cost of the move, Mr. Pratt withdrew his support of that move. If cost wasn’t part of the Mr. Pratt’s committee’s deliberations all along, what were they considering?

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I have always thought of farmers as being acutely cost conscious.

This absence of cost consciousness in such an important matter makes me wonder whether cost was a consideration in the allotment to the fair board.

Did anyone analyze the fair board’s needs before handing out the money? Could the fair get by with less without unduly jeopardizing the 4H program?

Could the fair board have raised at least some of the funds in another way? It appears to me that a sharp pencil is not one of the tools Mr. Pratt is used to using.

Very respectfully,


Paul Woods