Burns are needed for forest

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 8, 2015

One of the most destructive things that can happen to our forests is fire. This is certainly the case for a good portion of Lawrence County where Wayne National Forest is, and many people make use of the forest as a resource for a variety of reasons and occasions.

Working together to ensure proper upkeep is an essential component, and this includes maintenance that encompasses prescribed burns as an efficient option.

To do this, officials of the Wayne National Forest work diligently to ensure that proper procedures are followed as it relates to the laws and regulations along with educating the public on the prescribed burns.

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This week, the Lawrence County Commissioners received a letter of concern regarding an application for a prescribed burn in Lawrence County.

The commissioners did the right thing by forwarding the letter to the Lawrence County Health Department, as it is important that every facet where a concern could be present be involved.

Like with anything else, certain risks are evident. However, a myriad of elements must all come together before the prescribed burn takes place. According to the release from the Wayne National Forest website, the agency must adhere to “strict guidelines for conducting prescribed burns, and uses environmental factors including temperature, humidity, atmosphere stability, wind-direction and speed as well as smoke disbursement. If conditions are not met, the burns will be postponed.”

Ultimately, keeping these wonderful nature resources vibrant require essential maintenance.