A lot to think about

Published 1:24 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I like to think, which surprises a lot of people who knew me when I was younger. But, as I get older, a quiet car ride or silent house is a sanctuary. In the past few years, I’ve been thinking, with the input of many others, about multiple issues. Here are some random thoughts in no particular order…..

I think abortion is wrong, but I don’t judge those who have had one. I have three children, who have all been challenges at times. However, I’d be a much lesser man without them in my life. I’m sure those who have aborted children suffer enough torment with that decision as they age. It’s not my job to judge them.

I think pushing God out of our lives, due to the protests of a few, is destroying America. I don’t feel as safe as I once did in this great country. We’re acquiescing to minority viewpoints in the name of political correctness and losing our identity in the process.

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I think Jesus Christ is the only way any of us go to heaven. The Bible is clear on this.

I think Katrina Keith is the clear choice for mayor of Ironton. No knock on Bob Cleary, but we need fresh ideas from young leaders with the energy and enthusiasm to continue the progress Rich Blankenship will leave behind.

I think our community could be awesome if more people volunteered and cared about Ironton like Rick Jansen. I’m convinced if only 10 percent of our population were concerned about where our ship is going, we’d go to unimaginable places.

I think our political system is embarrassingly corrupt. We have people in places of authority who use their “power” to silence or punish critics. Everyone sees it, but most are afraid to challenge it for fear of retribution.

I think “gangsta rap” is willful ignorance, a poison on the minds of our children. If our kids worship Lil Wayne or Tupac, what does that say about their future?

I think teachers, such as Ironton High School English teacher Linda Ross, notorious for challenging students, should be exalted by our community for expanding the minds of our kids.

I think more people should be interested in restoring the Ro-Na Theater. This establishment, once fully rebuilt, could be a boon to local businesses and create further growth downtown.

I think those who own dilapidated buildings in the city’s business district should pay a hefty fee for permitting the structures to disintegrate. If our downtown doesn’t thrive, neither do we….nor should those who allow prospective businesses to sit empty and become a crumbled mess.

I think our county commissioners should be supervised by someone in the county. Presently, they are governed by the state, which means they can essentially do as they please. Has anybody noticed?

Finally, I think we live in a community that has been classically conditioned. We expect the worst, because we’re afraid to stand up and fight for better….because if we fight, we get shut down and punished by those who are politically corrupt. We’ve seen it happen to others.

In the next two years, certain figures will exhaust their eligibility as rulers. Others who acquiesced to these rulers will also exhaust their eligibility in future years. Once this happens, Ironton, and Lawrence County will finally have a chance to thrive.

I think.


Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at hollandkat3@aol.com.