Shots fired into residence

Published 12:52 am Sunday, November 15, 2015

An Ironton couple is still looking for answers two weeks after their home was the target of a shooting.

Kayla Brislin, 26, and Major Brice, 25, were taking a shower in their South Eighth Street home on Oct. 27 when they said they heard what sounded like someone pounding on their front door.

A short time later when Brislin went outside to smoke a cigarette, she saw something that made her race inside to call the police.

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“I open the front door and when I look down, half the doorframe is missing,” Brislin said. “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s a bullet hole.’ I slammed the door and called the cops.”

There was one hole in the doorframe and one in the door, as well as in the side of the house, she said.

When Ironton Police came to the scene, officers found shell casings outside and one spent round inside the home under a table in the living room, according to the police report.

The couple said while they are glad no one got hurt, the situation could have been different if their 8-month-old daughter had been watching TV.

“It (the bullet) came right by where she sits sometimes to watch Baby First,” Brice said. “It could have hit her and she could not be here.”

Brislin said they hope someone has information that could help solve the case.

“We want to get this out there, our 8-month-old daughter was in the house,” she said.

“If anybody knows anything, please come forward.”

Detective Chad Gue of the Ironton Police Department said the investigation into the shooting is pending.

“We have spoken with a few different people of interest,” Gue said. “We are still working on it and gathering information.”

He also said he has spoken with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation regarding evidence collected at the scene.

When asked why a media release wasn’t distributed at the time of the incident, Gue said the IPD didn’t want to release information that could hinder the investigation.