Keith means progress for Ironton

Published 11:07 am Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday the city of Ironton voters will have an opportunity to select a new mayor. This a historic election as it’s the first time the city has been faced with a runoff election. Ironton’s residents have a choice between the top two candidates from the general election — Bob Cleary and Katrina Keith.

Your vote is now more important that ever before. But who to choose — That is the question.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Bob Cleary in both of his terms in office as mayor and I cannot say that he was effective in moving Ironton forward. So what does he hope to do different this time? Can this city afford to give Mr. Cleary a “do over” hoping this time he’ll get it right?

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Or is it time to choose a new path, a new beginning with fresh ideas and a passion for this city we have not seen in a long time?

Katrina Keith is a hard-working woman who has demonstrated her passion for this city. She has supported positive growth and progress through the joining of residents, businesses and community leaders to build a solid future for Ironton. She’s rolled up her sleeves and worked side-by-side with these groups to achieve these successes.

The city has certainly seen its fair share of hard times, but we’ve grasped progress for several years now as Ironton has watched construction of the new Ironton-Russell Bridge take shape, new businesses choose our city — a hotel, a famous restaurant chain. high-tech local medical facilities and the restoration of the Ro-Na Theater, to name a few.

Let’s keep moving in this positive direction. Remember the past but look to the future. There’s a lot of history in this fine city. Be part of that history today and come out to vote.

Make the choice to step forward into the future.


William B.J. Gaspers