Dunfee still winner in race for mayor

Published 11:06 am Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PROCTORVILLE — The recount hasn’t changed the result of the village of Proctorville mayoral race. Incumbent Rick Dunfee will lead the village in his second term.

“The system played out the way it was supposed to,” Dunfee said.

“It was a good race. Mr. Root did try hard.”

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On election night the tally had a two-vote difference: Dunfee’s 109 to Root’s 107. Although a close margin, it did not trigger an automatic recount.

However when the election results were certified on Nov. 14, Root picked up one vote, which did trigger a recount.

On Monday a hand count followed by an electronic one brought the same results as those that were certified.

Root, a village councilman and Proctorville businessman, campaigned on the need for the village to apply for grants to improve its infrastructure.

Dunfee, who spent 14 years as the village administrator before becoming mayor four years ago, said he saw the need for upgrades, but that the village would have to wait until funds were available.

“I have learned a few things in this election I will look at and see if council will help me,” Dunfee said. “Winter is coming along so we don’t have much to do. Come spring I was told we had $50,000 from the commissioners for sidewalks. If that is the case, we are going to do sidewalks.”