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Realizing children’s dreams

For teens, the real sense of freedom is most likely felt when they pass their exam and receive a driver’s license. The same can be said for a child when he or she sees a bicycle. In many cases, most children feel as if they can make the world theirs when riding a bike.

Whether it is riding down the street, a course at the park or a trail, a bike becomes the opportunity to see places and things only imagined.

That is the one of the main objectives for those leading the Lawrence County Bicycle Giveaway while making a dream for a child come true when it might not otherwise be possible.

Now in the fifth year, the event looks to provide 200 bikes this year to children. While the organizers may only number a few, the involvement continues to grow.

We commend all those who have played a part in the event this year, and applaud those who have worked extremely hard to keep this event going for half a decade.

Ultimately, while donations of bikes and financial support are critical to the event, donating time is equally as important.

Working together and lending support can make a huge difference for a children to realize their dreams.