Bank robbery suspect captured in Florida

Published 2:59 pm Thursday, December 10, 2015

The South Point man wanted in a series of area bank robberies and the focus of a federal raid at a house in South Point has been captured in Florida.

Charles R. Vaughn III, 26, was apprehended Thursday in Jacksonville, Florida, following his arrest in an alleged carjacking there.

“He has been captured in Florida and we are certainly happy about that,” Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said.

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According to the South Point Police Department’s Facebook page, “Vaughn carjacked a man and had him drive into a bank drive-thru window. While pointing the gun at the driver, he told the teller that if she did not give him money he would shoot the driver. She complied. After receiving the money they fled in the vehicle and were pursued by police.

“Vaughn eventually bailed from the vehicle and ran into a wooded area. Police followed and Vaughn hid in the woods. When police neared his location he got up and began firing at the officers, who returned fire, striking Vaughn in the knee and lower torso.”

Vaughn is a suspect in robberies in the Tri-State, in Pike and Vinton counties and Waverly. He is also a person of interest in recent robberies of banks in Chesapeake and South Point, Lawless said.

“All of the bank robbery warrants are federal warrants so the FBI will be handling any extradition and prosecution,” the sheriff said. “He will face local charges in Florida before anyone acts on the warrants. We have been monitoring him for the last two months, having surveillance on him. We hope to get him back up here.”

Last week federal, state and county law enforcement conducted a raid on a house on Linden Avenue in South Point in their search for Vaughn.