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Dumping tires hurts county

In a rural county, there are many beautiful places for residents and visitors alike to visit. However, many have a blatant disregard for the beauty of nature, dumping their unwanted trash where ever they see fit.

One of the largest problems in illegal dumping is this issue of dumping tires throughout the county. Many times, these are typically found on a township or county road. Unfortunately, the demeaning acts of a few cause problems for the rest of the county’s residents.

We are fortunate in Lawrence County to have so many civic organizations who work tirelessly to keep our county clean, and it is certainly unfortunate at the very least that those who choose to break the law have no regard for our county and its residents.

We as a community need to continue to work together and provide assistance to the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District in bringing those who are dumping items illegally to justice.

It is important to remember that these dumps sites not only infringe on our county from an aesthetic standpoint, but an environmental and health aspect as well.

In the event a disposal of these types of items are necessary, it is critical to be educated on the laws and responsibilities necessary.

Ultimately, being able to work together, become well educated on the issue and remaining vigilant can help lessen the likelihood of these occurrences.