Local DJFS employees want change

Published 9:51 am Friday, January 8, 2016

AFSCME Local 3319 is the non-administrative employees of the Lawrence County Department of Job and Family Services, with the exception of the child support department.

As fellow Lawrence Countians and Ohioans, we take great pride in providing services to our community and hope to be able to continue to serve you in the far foreseeable future. However, with continuous budget cuts at the state level, whispers of merging county agencies and threats of privatization, we are fighting and working hard to try to retain the ability to keep the services we provide right here in our county all the while under these difficult and strenuous circumstances.

Unfortunately, county politics plays an enormous part in how well we are able to perform our job duties. Due to misappropriated budgeting, personal favors and illegal funding to outside agencies, we have been, for years, understaffed and undertrained, making it extremely difficult to issue benefits properly and timely.

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As employees, our hands are tied on these administrative issues, however, as AFSCME employees we still have a voice and feel it is time to speak up and let the public know that we are determined in our efforts to provide the best quality services that is within our power.

This past year has been proven to be an extremely difficult year for our union employees, but we are hopeful as we move into a brand new year that misconduct and questionable actions will be replaced, in this county, with honesty, dignity and integrity. AFSCME Local 3319 also endeavors to play a larger role in this community — you are our neighbors, our family members, our fellow citizens. We care about our county and are happy to report that we are working with the Lawrence County DJFS to implement new outreach community service programs through the Lawrence County Department of Jobs and Family Services.

We cannot move forward without you — the citizens. We need your prayers and support as we go forth to turn this agency into the number one county agency in the state of Ohio.


Belinda M. Brown

President, AFSCME Local 3319