Couple’s devotion an example

Published 10:02 am Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In a world where relationships are more often than not ephemeral, we all delight when we stumble on a true love story.

And that is exactly what happened last month at Jo Lin Health Care Center when Calvin and Rosemary Waller celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. The couple was married on Dec. 23, 1950.

As Calvin said recently the first time he saw his future wife it was love at first sight.

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That was at a football game at Dawson-Bryant High School. And that love never died.

The Coal Grove couple has spent most their lives together in Lawrence County, including running a popular restaurant. On top of working at the Solvay Coke plant, Calvin was also a Baptist preacher.

In the course of their marriage they had four children who joined in the December celebration, along with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Much can be learned from this couple whose devotion to each other and respect for the institution of marriage is apparent.

Nowadays couples often resist the attitude of hanging in there when the going gets tough.

Yet for the most part these same individuals would show determination and persistence when things get rough in their jobs. However, they won’t show those same qualities in one of the most important relationship two people can have — marriage.

That’s not the case with the Wallers. Calvin said it best.

“Every time I think of all these years, it kind of breaks me down. She’s been the most wonderful wife. My love for her is God-given. Her love for me is God-given.”