Ironton Wrestling Club Results

Published 12:32 am Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Ironton Elementary and Middle School initiated a wrestling team this year with nearly 100 wrestlers in grades 3-8 participating.

Here are the results of their initial matches:

John Maynard, manager/coach

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Ironton Middle School at Chesapeake Dual Tournament Records Grades 6-8

86-lbs Blake Wilson 2-1

92-lbs Dylan White 3-0

110-lbs Kameron Groce 3-1

116-lbs Cannon Koster 3-0

122-lbs Logan Price 2-2

128-lbs Dalton Crabtree 2-2

134-lbs Ryan McClain 3-0

142-lbs John Lewis 2-2

150-lbs Bryce Maynard 2-2

160-lbs Mathew Schoener 1-3

172-lbs Lucas White 3-1

205-lbs Rocky White 2-2

HWT-Hunter Eaches 3-1

HWT-Haydon Toppings 4-0

HWT-Josh Jackson 1-2

205 Jacob Reed 2-1

205 Greg Cochran 3-1

110 Braden Stewart 2-1

128 Evan wild 2-2

142 Austin Straight 2-2

150 Brock Bollinger 2-2


Fairland Dragon Open- Jan. 31. OAC A+ Ranking Ages 5-12

(Open Tournament and Novice Tournament)

Ironton Wrestling Club

Anthony Bell NOVICE 58-lbs 2nd place

Marlie Bell NOVICE 70-LBS 4th place

Cooper Charles OPEN 130-lbs 3rd place

Dagan Bryant OPEN 130-lbs 2nd place

Grant Day OPEN 130-lbs 1st place

Placed In Both Tournaments

Braden Stewart NOVICE 4th place OPEN 3rd place

Owen Box NOVICE 2nd place OPEN 2nd place

Bryce Maynard Novice 1st place OPEN 1st place