Finding a home

Published 10:10 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Residents are trying to find a home for this dog.

Residents are trying to find a home for this dog.

Franklin Furnace man wants to help lost or abandoned dog

George Hunter has been an animal lover from way back, and the Franklin Furnace man loves to take his two mixed breed dogs down Braunlin Road by the Holiday Point Marina near his home.

That’s why on Friday he found a sight that troubled him all weekend long. A little mixed breed terrier that was staying by the side of the road.

“The dog looks like it’s been abandoned, but it keeps staying there like he expects the owners to come back,” Hunter said. “He has been holding his position. I’ve tried to coax him. I bring food down. He cries.”

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But on Tuesday afternoon Hunter was finally able to coax the dog to come with him. That night he bathed the dog who responded to the care. Now Hunter is trying to find a good home for the dog and anyone interested can call 740-961-8433.

Other residents around the site were trying to help the animal over the weekend.

“I’ve seen a blanket and tubs of food that have been set out,” Hunter said.

All the man wants is either to reunite the Scottish terrier-like dog with its owners or find a new home for the animal.

“He is a real sweet dog and is house broken,” Hunter said.