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Prosecutor on right track

There was a time many of us can remember when we didn’t think much about our safety as we lived our daily lives. Yes, we locked our doors through the night, more to keep out the boogie man than really thinking someone might break in. They did occasionally, but that was the exception.

But with school shootings and inundation of terroristic threats, an our level of security has diminished exponentially. Schools now arm teachers to protect their students. Even movie theaters, where people go just for pure entertainment, aren’t safe havens.

But even as we recognize we have had to change how we handle our daily activities, there are still places that sound as if they ought to be safe. And the fact that, apparently, they aren’t is at the least unnerving.

And one of those places is the public library. But no more.

Last month an employee of the Briggs Lawrence County Library reported that a male suspect came in and allegedly assaulted her. The suspect allegedly fled the scene, but was later apprehended out of state and brought back to Ironton.

Now that case is apparently headed for a grand jury to review the evidence and determine if an indictment is appropriate.

Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson should be commended for vigorously keeping this case on the front burner. We understand everyone is innocent until proven guilty in this country. But in a situation like this, justice is needed not only for the victim, but for the community.