Dog tags to protect pets

Published 11:17 am Friday, February 19, 2016

Only a couple of weeks are left before residents will have to pay double for county dog tags, required by state law.

Right now, the tags are only $12 until March 1. Then their price will go up.

Every dog in the state of Ohio must have a tag designating the county where the dog is housed. Besides bringing in revenue, the tag provides protection for dog owners.

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If a dog is picked up and brought into the pound, the pound keepers there will keep it for 14 days instead of the three days they do now.

With the tag, owners of lost dogs can be found and reunited with their pet.

It is just another way the revamped Lawrence County Animal Shelter is showing it cares about your pet. In the past couple of years, sending strays through a network of rescue organizations has been the rule not the exception with volunteers working tirelessly to save animals, not destroy the dogs.

Poundkeeper Melissa Nicely should be lauded for her work in this effort.

Dog tags can be purchased at the Lawrence County Auditor’s Office in the courthouse, the animal shelter at 1302 Adams Lane in Ironton, Tipton’s Market on State Route 93, the bureau of motor vehicles in Proctorville or Jim’s Gun Shop, also in Proctorville.

Tags shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment, but as a way to protect a beloved pet.