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Chesapeake schools get rebate from AEP

CHESAPEAKE — Chesapeake schools reaping the rewards for investing in energy efficiency.

The school district received a check in the amount of $44,637.81 from AEP for enacting an energy efficiency plan in local schools.

O’Tello Banks, a customer service representative for the company, presented the check at the meeting of the school board on Monday.

“They’re saving energy and this lets people know that they are wise users of tax funds,” Banks said.

Jim Mobley, of TMI Energy Solutions, said the amount was the second phase of a rebate going back to schools.

The first phase, issued in 2013 from AEP and Green Ohio, was for $68,000.

Mobley said that schools spent $510,000 on gas and electric in 2012, but, by enacting an energy efficiency plan, which includes elements such as upgrades to lighting and refrigeration equipment, saw the amount drop to $251,000 in 2015.