Taxes benefit county

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cliches may bore but they exist because they contain a kernel of truth. One of the truest of clichés is that nobody likes to pay taxes. But this week those living in Lawrence County are facing paying two different kinds of taxes.

Today is the last day for those who are dog owners to pay the lower rate for the county dog tags. That is $12 a tag. Starting on Wednesday that rate doubles.

Dog tags are required by state law and must designate the county where the dog is housed. The tags are also one way to bring revenue into the pound.

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Dog tags also are the best way to retrieve your pet if it becomes lost.

If a dog gets away from its owner and is picked up and brought into the pound,, the pound keepers will keep the animal for 14 days instead of three days, if there is a tag.

Tags can be purchased at the auditor’s office in the courthouse and the animal shelter.

Also due this week is the first half property taxes which must be paid by Friday.

Right now property tax collections are up by approximately $1 million over this time last year. Last year total first half tax collections brought in $19.7 million.

While this tax funds a great deal of the county government, the major beneficiary is the public school districts. While no one likes paying these taxes, they both benefit the county greatly.