Collins would be change for county

Published 10:32 am Friday, March 11, 2016

Attention Lawrence County voters — on March 15 you have the opportunity to bring change to the office of commissioner.

Christopher Collins knows the jail situation is not working for Lawrence County. The current administration squandered an opportunity to bring closure to the jail problem. Don’t allow bad decisions and political favors to burden our county. A vote for Mr. Collins will bring fresh ideas with law enforcement and public safety being a top priority. Vote for change.

Cheryl Ackison

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Collins cares about county

I haven’t known Christopher Collins all my life or even for six months. I don’t know what he does in the morning or what he does when he gets home from a long day.

Something I do know and tell everyone is that he is a community person. He is a caring and genuine person who understands when a person is down, you don’t hold them down longer. You pick them up and brush them off. And that’s the way he sees Lawrence County.

He wants to pick Lawrence County up and brush us off.

And that’s exactly what we need — a friend to pick us up and brush us off. That’s what Christopher Collins is to Lawrence County. That’s why I am voting for Christopher on March 15 and the reason we should all vote for him.

It’s been a privilege working with him and calling him a friend.

Brad Spoljaric


Experience needed

On Tuesday, March 15, please cast your vote for Christopher Collins for commissioner. As the assistant director for the Lawrence County Department of Job and Family Services, Christopher understands the needs of our citizens and the concerns for jobs. Let’s allow his experience and knowledge to work for us.

On March 15, vote Collins for commissioner.

Tim Collins


Will bring leadership

Please allow me this opportunity to ask for your vote for Christopher Collins, candidate for commissioner. Christopher is the grandson of our beloved Senator Collins and son of Judge Collins. With his strong family background, he will provide leadership that Lawrence County can trust and rely on.

On Tuesday, please cast your vote for Collins for commissioner.

Betty Yaniko