Commission candidate wants county to progress

Published 12:04 am Sunday, March 13, 2016

I have had the opportunity to work with Christopher Collins the last two months and am proud to say I have found him to be a man of faith and a man of deep convictions of what he wants to see for the future of Lawrence County.

I spoke to Christopher and asked why he wanted to run for county commissioner. His answer was he was tired of things not progressing in business and opportunity for the people and walking with the broken people in need of help from drug and alcohol problems and seeing families being split apart by no work to provide for their families and leaving the area.

I watched him stand his ground on his beliefs and not waiver when questioned on his platform, but instead spoke as a gentleman and explained his points of view and reasoning of why he believed in what he was saying.

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I have not actively worked an election since Dan Hieronimus ran for sheriff and chose to get involved with this election because I too want a change in our area and help for our people. Lawrence County was once a thriving place to work and live and I want to see this again, where industries would want to come and men and women can earn their wages and be proud of themselves and our area.

We have resources in the area that are not being utilized to their fullest potential as in the river, rail and highways, along with areas for land development. Christopher has worked in Columbus at the state house while attending and graduating from Ohio State University and knows how the system works to get grants and jobs for Lawrence County.

This is why I am supporting Christopher Collins for Lawrence County Commissioner.

Dean Palmer


Candidate gets Senate nod

Christopher Collins is one the finest legislative directors that I have ever had. His understanding of the Ohio legislature and the process involved along with his performance of the duties of the senate were second to none.

His consciousness is unparalleled. I miss him everyday. He was outstanding with resolving constituent problems and needs. He has always had a good ear to listen and to understand taxpayer concerns and needs. Lawrence County is lucky to have him there and running for county commissioner. I fully endorse Christopher and highly recommend him to the voters of Lawrence County.

State Senator Tom Patton