Collins called ‘loyal team player’

Published 10:08 am Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I am State Senator Cliff Hite and Christopher Collins used to be my senior legislative aide. Chris was a steadfast and loyal “team” player who demonstrated incredible devotion to me and my district in Northwest Ohio.

He is elated to be back serving the people in and around his hometown.

I assure you he will continue to model those exemplary traits in Ironton. I have full faith Christopher is the right man to listen and lead. I hope you support this rising servant star when you cast your vote on Tuesday.

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Senator Cliff Hite-District 1


Innovative ideas

For our townships and communities throughout Lawrence County, voters want some strong, new leadership that will both listen and be smarter.

As I have watched Christopher Collins work around our county in the past couple of months, it is clear that he is sincerely interested in people’s opinions and their desires for better ideas to save tax dollars and gain more jobs in our community.

Lawrence County is a great area, but we need more better-paying jobs and leadership to link job training to the needs of employers.

“Business as usual” is not working that well here locally. Collins has been looking for smarter ideas used in other parts of Ohio that help us focus on the future.

On Tuesday in the Republican Primary, I hope you will join me in the making the change for Christopher Collins for Commissioner.

Michelle Mullins


He means change

As a Lawrence County resident, I know that change and new leadership would be helpful in our commissioners’ office.

That’s why I am strongly supporting Christopher Collins. He will be innovative and bring new ideas to help our area get more and better-paying jobs. Plus, to support our local law enforcement officers, we need a smarter, lower-cost solution to our jail over-crowding mess. It wastes too much time having our deputies drive three hours, one-way, to take prisoners to a northern Ohio location.

Collins has had excellent education and work experiences to bring innovative ideas here and focus on new, better ideas. Collins will work to save money and make our county safer.

On Tuesday, I urge Lawrence County Republicans to support Christopher Collins and his leadership for a better future.

Chuck Yaniko


Ferguson right choice

My name is Isaiah Gunther. I have lived in Lawrence County all of my life. I am currently active duty Air Force stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

I’m writing you in content of the Lawrence County Commissioner position. I am in full favor of Jon Ferguson. I have known this man and his family for some good time now and I do believe he is the man for the job. Jon has been a part of this community his entire life and so has his family.

He contributes and dedicates his off time back to Lawrence County more than anyone could ever ask for. Between school and sporting events for his kids to the biggest Lawrence County event Rally on the River.

He holds the upright most respect for anyone and everyone he encounters and holds his hand out for help at any chance given. There’s no doubt in my mind that he cannot only make a difference, but make a huge turn around for this community.

Isaiah Gunther
Wright Patterson Air Force