Chesapeake students raise funds for Heart Association

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2016

CHESAPEAKE — Students at Chesapeake Elementary raised $4,458 for the American Association this year.

The school’s annual Hoops for Heart week wrapped up on March 11 and students wore red to mark the day.

The top donator in the school’s efforts this year was third grader Jacob Harris, who raised $450.

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“My mom and I created a website and I have a lot of family that lives out of town that make online donations,” Harris said. “Then I call and ask local friends and family to make donations.”

This is the third year in which he has been the school’s top donator.

The top donating class was the fourth grade, who contributed $1,221 to the cause.

To conclude the week, the school’s students wore red on Friday for a group photo, principal Trisha Harris said.