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Class provides opportunities

Let’s face it. Not every child in gym class is going to be an all-star basketball player. Not every child is going to be the quarterback. Not every child is going to set records for running the mile.

And, some of those children just won’t get the hang of traditional sports.

Thanks to some grants from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, students in the South Point school district are getting to branch out try a new gym class activity. Those grants, along with money from the district, went to purchase archery supplies, such as bows, targets, arrows and other equipment, for a new unit in the district’s gym classes. South Point joins the Dawson-Bryant district as the only schools to offer this program.

What’s great about this new program is that it gives students even footing on trying a new sport. It gives the students who aren’t normally the star athletes the chance to use something other than height, speed or gender as an advantage.

Plus, learning a new sport or activity is just beneficial for everyone.

Hopefully, more districts in Lawrence County will take advantage of this program through the division of wildlife. Providing more unique activities is a great way for students to reach their full potential.