Ironton kindergarten registration set

Published 10:24 am Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ironton City Schools are gearing up for its free Kindergarten Health Fair and Registration from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 at the Ironton Elementary, 302 Delaware St. (740) 532-2209.

We are currently enrolling students for the 2016-2017 school years. Students must turn 5 years old on or before Aug. 1. We are urging parents to get their child enrolled as soon as possible before the school year begins. Some parents wait until the first day of school to register. That is unfortunate because most of those students are not able to start that day due to incomplete records.

Each year we try to prepare parents and children who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall with much needed free health and registration opportunities. St. Lawrence School students will participate in the fair also. Flyers are being sent home with current students and flyers have also been passed out in the local physician offices, health departments, local businesses, preschools and clinics, but it is necessary to reach the masses to make sure all students in the region have the opportunity to be served.

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We are working in cooperation with local agencies that will be present to assist with the health fair which include; Ironton City Health department staff, Dr. Meadows and CAO clinic nurse practitioners, Shawnee University Student Nurses, Rio Grande Student Nurses, speech therapists, school staff, teachers, nurses and many more.

The following services will be available:

(1) Registration for Kindergarten – must bring child’s birth certificate. Parents please do not send the footprint certificate from the hospital welcoming your child. Also, please bring any custody or guardianship documents with you if applicable.

(2) Records Check – Medical records clarification, address verification, birth record and immunization checks, bus information, policies and procedures on picking up and dropping off your child, etc….

(3) Immunization Record checks – please bring an updated and complete immunization record.

(4) Physical with pre-physical screenings (height, weight, blood pressure, BMI). If you have a completed physical from your physician dated within the last year – it may be accepted. Please remember and stress to your physicians that state law requires complete physicals which means vision and hearing screenings be completed prior to entering kindergarten and not excluded.

(5) Vision screenings if physical is done at health fair.

(6) Hearing screenings if physical is done at health fair.

(7) Speech Screenings completed by speech therapist.

(8) Consultations with Kindergarten teachers if you have any questions.

(9) Consultations from School Nurses if you have any questions regarding medication at school, health conditions or concerns your child may have, lice policies, if sick, when to keep your child home, etc…

(10) Kindergarten Readiness Bags and goodies

Just think everything in a nutshell and everything in one night. Again, parents, don’t miss this opportunity to get your child registered and have free screenings done. It’ll save you a doctor’s visit. Don’t forget to bring the appropriate documents. All immunizations, physicals, birth certificates, custody forms etc. must be on file before your child can start in the fall — no exceptions. See you at the fair.


Annette M. Scott, RN, BSN

School Nurse for Ironton City Schools