What are their positions on jail?

Published 12:54 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Before too long, Lawrence County could spend a half-million taxpayer dollars to house our prisoners out of county. This does not take into consideration the personnel expense or wear and tear on the vehicles. This, while the Franklin Furnace Facility would serve our needs.

The dream of some politicians is that a new jail be built within county lines. It would take several years to build a new jail. And at what price? That being in addition to the continuing expense of housing our prisoners out of county.

The Franklin Furnace facility might well offer a source of income. Over the past few years, the female jail population has increased dramatically, not only here, but in most jurisdictions. Even some of the newer jails do not have the capacity to this increase. The Franklin Furnace facility could meet this need and provide housing for female prisoners from out of the county.

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Now that the slate is set for the commissioners race, it would be very informative for the voters to know each candidates’ position on this issue.

Certainly there is sufficient time for each to research this issue. Too often a position is taken without due diligence being made.


John Wolfe