Democrats would vote for anyone

Published 10:57 am Friday, April 22, 2016

The Democratic Party would vote for Adolph Hitler if he ran as a Democrat. If you think that a habitual lying person is a good Democrat, I’ll bet you don’t believe the Bible either, and I will point out a few of Hillary Clinton’s lies.

First, when she left Arkansas there was White Water, and her covering for Bill’s exploits with other women. Then in Washington she said Bill’s trouble with Monica was just a gigantic Republican conspiracy, that is until the dress showed up.

Then she said she was broke when she had just been advanced $6 million for a book. Then there is Benghazi where she lied numerous times about the four deaths. Now she is being investigated about her email.

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If this woman had been a Republican she would have been convicted and in jail a long time ago. Yet you think that she is the best candidate for the president.

When will you open your eyes to the truth, or are you just a Democrat that would vote for anyone so long as they are Democrats.


Homer Campbell