Feeling guilty when your only choice is child care

Published 10:32 am Friday, April 29, 2016

Parents often come to the Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy troubled that they have no choice but to leave their child in the care of strangers while they work or attend school.

It is understandable the difficulty that parents face and the guilt that they feel placing their child in childcare. The LCECA has made it a goal to form a strong relationship with each family so they not only feel comfortable, but content with the quality of care they receive.

In an effort to strengthen that connection, particularly with families of infants and toddlers, we have taken advantage of an online program known as “Tadpoles.” It has provided the chance to share photos and videos to the parents of their child’s day, as well as providing daily reports that keep parents informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while parents are at work or school.

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“The Tadpole app has been an amazing tool for communication between me and my son’s teachers. When you send your infant into a daycare classroom you are constantly thinking and worrying about how their day is going” said Kristian Carr, a parent within the program.

Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy strives to provide the highest quality childcare in Lawrence County. The quality of childcare is dependent on the connection between parents and their childcare providers.

“With this app not only can his teachers send me all this information, along with adorable pictures of him learning, but I can also send them notes about how he is feeling, the last time he ate, or the last time his diaper was changed. It is sometimes difficult to have a long conversation at drop-off and pick-up and the Tadpoles app has broken down that barrier so that my son’s teachers and I can both feel more comfortable with the care he is receiving” Carr said.