Welcome to Inspired

Published 10:22 am Friday, April 29, 2016

Josh Morrison is the general manager of  Inspired and The Tribune.

Josh Morrison is the general manager of Inspired and The Tribune.

Welcome, and thank you for picking up the inaugural edition of Inspired. In all likelihood, you have picked up one of our other products, whether it is our Tribune daily newspapers or Tri-State Living Magazine.

Several months ago, our development team at Ironton Publications, Inc. sat down and wanted to create a product that tells stories of inspirational people, businesses and organizations who can provide encouragement to others throughout the Tri-State. We have a lot of wonderful things and people throughout the region, and we wanted to shine a light and let the Tri-State know about them.

While we love to do stories like this in the newspaper and other publications like this, some just didn’t fit. Additionally, as we looked around, we didn’t see stories like this highlighted as often and wanted to do something that would provide these stories in a stand-alone publication.

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Editions of Inspired will look to tell stories of those who have overcome adversity, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or all of the above.

And that is where Inspired comes in, as this publication will give us the opportunity to tell stories that will hopefully bring a smile to your face, or provide you a boost if you are facing a similar situation.

Inspired could also allow you to see a person or organization who is doing something great in a community and want to become involved.

At the end of the day, we wanted to showcase these inspirational things happening in our communities.

We hope that you enjoy the first of many editions and come away “Inspired.”