Students get rewarded for successful fundraisers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 8, 2016

SOUTH POINT — With the school year coming to an end soon, many students throughout the county are getting rewarded for their hard work throughout the year.

At South Point Elementary on Friday, students were who had exceled at fundraising were treated to a day of video games.

A truck from West Virginia Mobile Gaming stopped by the school.

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“It’s to reward students who met their sales quota,” administrative assistant Bill Christian said. “Students from each grade go in, and they get an hour in the gaming truck.”

Christian said, in the past, the school has offered physical rewards, such as toys for the fundraisers, but decided to try something new this year.

“They’ve been really excited,” he said. “Students are all about an experience.”

The truck’s trailer featured racing games, such as Mario Kart, while the outside of the vehicle was set up for physical and using a Nintendo Wii.

A group of first and second graders tried to keep up with dance moves on the Wii game, imitating the characters they saw on screen.

As the groups of students rotated, the games were tailored to fit their grade level.

Craig Petry, of Mink Shoals, West Virginia, said that he started the gaming company with his wife Amy about 14 months ago.

“We do a lot of school, especially at the end of the year – fundraising awards, reading programs, perfect attendance,” he said. “An we do corporate events and parties, everything from kids’ birthdays to sweet 16 parties.”

He said the business has stayed extremely busy in the Charleston area, and plans to expand to a second truck, which would focus on area in the Huntington region.

“That will allow us to be down this way more,” he said.