Visitors bureau needs your feedback

Published 12:54 am Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Greater Lawrence County Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is in the process of updating the county’s tourism database. Our goal is to create a comprehensive travel and tourism inventory that will allow us to promote inbound tourism.

We want to attract travelers to the county who will spend time and, more importantly, spend money. Increased inbound tourism generates new revenue, which helps create new jobs.

There are many unique selling points in our region that need to be identified. These will give us the opportunity to develop new tourism related businesses. Developing tourism in Lawrence County is a win-win situation for everyone.

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We’d be thrilled to talk with you about what we have to offer to visitors. Your feedback on what we have to see and do, where to eat, shop and play, where to pray, annual fairs, festivals, special events, etc. would be greatly appreciated. This is the nature of the data that we need to collect, collate and promote.

We will have a series of fact gathering get-togethers at the branches of Brigg’s Library. These dates, times and locations will be made available soon.

Contact Steve Call at 740-533-4559 or Haley Waldo at 740-377-4550

Become a Lawrence County tourism ambassador and recommend the best locations on Ohio’s southern coast to an out of town friend or associate.


Steve Call

Greater Lawrence County Area Convention and Visitors Bureau