All-Southern Ohio Conference Softball & Baseball Teams

Published 2:45 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Southern Ohio Conference

All-SOC Softball

Division 1

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First Team

Tressa Carter (Clay), Jensen Warnock (Clay), Hannah Oliver (Clay), Kaitlyn Payne (Symmes Valley), Taylor Webb ( Symmes Valley), Maggie Whitman (Notre Dame), Caitlyn Ball (Notre Dame), Cassidy Fremont (Eastern Pike), Cammy Oiler (Glenwood), Jordyn Haggy (Western Latham), Peyton Helphinstine (Sciotoville East), Adrian Hall (Green).

Second Team

Gabby Hickman (Clay), Cassidy Wells (Clay), Tiara Hatfield (Symmes Valley), Stephanie Brown (Symmes Valley), Makayla Hadsell (Notre Dame), Jaelyn Dixon (Eastern Pike), Amie Blankenship (Glenwood), Kylie Tong (Western Latham), Shay Brown (Siotoville East), Logan Jones (Green).

Player of the Year: Kaitlyn Payne (Symmes Valley)

Pitcher of the Year: Tressa Carter (Clay)

Coach of the Year: Jason Gearheart (Clay)

League Records: Clay (14-0), Symmes Valley (12-2), Notre Dame (10-4), Eastern Pike (6-8), Glenwood (5-11), Western Latham (5-9), Sciotoville East (3-11), Green (2-12).

Division 2

First Team

Michal Cunningham (Wheelersburg), Kalle Coleman (Wheelersburg), Faith Howard (Wheelersburg), Faith Brown (Valley), Marissa Markins (Valley), Mariah Burton (Waverly), Emily Hopper (Waverly), Mary Pica (Minford), Katie Grose (Minford), Terra Butcher (Portsmouth West), Abby Hall (Northwest), Kelsey Sharp (Oak Hill), Breanna Salzbrun (South Webster).

Second Team

Laiken Salyers (Wheelersburg), Kasey Bergan (Wheelersburg), Kirbi Sommers (Valley), Amber Altman (Valley), Mary Howard (Waverly), Airel Kingery (Minford), Makayla White (Portsmouth West), Megan Shultz (Northwest), Morgan Crabtree (Oak Hill), Mikaylah Belford (South Webster).

Co-Player of the Year: Michal Cunningham (Wheelersburg), Kalle Coleman (Wheelersburg)

Pitcher of the Year: Faith Howard (Wheelersburg)

Coach of the Year: Teresa Ruby (Wheelersburg)

League Records: Wheelersburg (14-0), Valley (10-4), Waverly (9-5), Minford (9-5), Portsmouth West (6-8), Northwest (4-10), Oak Hill (3-11), South Webster (1-13).

All-SOC Baseball

Division I

First Team

Hayden Baker (Notre Dame), C.J. Corns (Notre Dame), Drew Cassidy (Notre Dame), Josh Karshner (Green), Tanner Kimbler (Green), Devin Holcomb (Clay), Cole Gilliand (Clay), Cameron Meadows (Symmes Valley), Dalton Tomlison (Eastern), Drew Lowe (East), Jacob Branscomb (Western).

Second Team

Tyler Speas (Notre Dame), Sam Kayser (Notre Dame), Tayte Carver (Green), Trevor Carver (Green), Brody Riffe (Clay), Chayden Renfroe (Symmes Valley), Clay Martin (Eastern), Akia Brown (East), Dustin Branscomb (Western).

Player of the Year: C.J. Corns (Notre Dame)

Pitcher of the Year: Hayden Baker (Notre Dame)

Coach of the Year: Drew Mader( Notre Dame)

League Records: Notre Dame (12-0), Green (10-2), Clay (7-5), Symmes Valley (6-6), Eastern (5-7), East (2-10), Western (0-12).

Division 2

First Team

Jordan Howard (Wheelersburg), Chance Holbrook (Wheelersburg), Kyle Jenkins (Wheelersburg), Jake Henderson (Waverly), Logan Kottenbrook (Waverly), Eli Daniels (Minford), Jared Alley (Minford), Trevor Coriell (South Webster), Eli Harr (Valley), Cody Wiltshire (West), Cody Swann (Oak Hill), Billy Murphy (Northwest).

Second Team

Kaden Coleman (Wheelersburg), Xander Carmichael (Wheelersburg), Clayton Howell (Waverly), Drew Harris (Waverly), Alex Powell (Minford), Aron Alley (Minford), Bradley Gee (South Webster), Blake Howard (Valley), Cody Finley ( West), Shane Spriggs (Oak Hill), Zach Smith (Northwest).

Player of the Year: Eli Daniels (Minford)

Pitcher of the Year: Chance Holbrook (Wheelersburg)

Coach of the Year: Michael Estep (Wheelersburg)

League Records: Wheelersburg (14-0), Waverly (10-4), Minford (10-4), Valley (8-6), South Webster (7-7),West (3-11), Oak Hill (3-11), Northwest (1-13).