Deficits projected for budget in fall

Published 11:27 am Friday, June 17, 2016

If spending continues as it is now, by fall the administrative part of the general fund will be more than a quarter of million dollars in the hole.

Chief Deputy Auditor Chris Kline reported that his projection is to have $266,356.83 deficit in that part of the general fund. The largest deficit is expected to be in the jail maintenance and out of county housing at a $413,332.71 loss. Jail expenses alone could have a $44,912.58 deficit, with out of county housing at $433,080.92. However the fund for prisoner medical bills is expected to have an overage of $64,663.78.

Next is courthouse maintenance and operations that could be $237,199.05 in the red followed by the board of elections at $37,513.11 deficit and the coroner at $7,604.65 loss.

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Salary for the four BOE members could be $5,234.60 in the red with funds to pay wages of extra employees with a possible deficit of $27,982.58. Contract services hired to handle elections is projected to be $83,165.03 in the hole along with health insurance at $9,192.76.

If general fund liability insurance is charged back to offices, that could free up $237,175. Previously, the general fund picked up the charges for all the offices.

“If that does work out, you will have that extra money,” Kline said.

The current Ohio sales tax charged on Medicaid services could be phased out, cutting about $1.2 to $1.5 million from the county’s budget, according to Lawrence County Auditor Jason Stephens.

“It may not be applied,” he said. “It’s something we will have to deal with next year.”