Police Reports — 6/21/16

Published 9:43 am Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sheriff’s Reports

Theft — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 16, man and woman allegedly took LEGOs and Pokeman cards without paying; Jeffrey Castle, 27, and Trista Briggs, 25, of 104 Ferguson St., South Point, cited to court.

Theft — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 17, man allegedly took earmuffs from store without paying; Sean Braley, 44, of 39620 Bradbury Road, Middleport, cited to court.

Drug abuse, possession of controlled substance, illegal manufacture of drug, violation of TPO, aggravated trafficking — 100 block County Road 450, Perry Township, June 18, deputy responding to a call at the Grandview Inn allegedly smelled strong odor of marijuana coming from room and observed a burned pipe and pills; woman in room alleged man she was staying with had crack in his possession; white powdery substance found in back of cruiser where man was being held; John Ferrell, 45, of 914 N. Fifth St., Ironton, and Amanda Ferrell, 34, of 513 Railroad St., Ironton, arrested.

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Criminal damaging, criminal trespass — 4900 State Route 650, Pedro, June 19, woman allegedly broke window of a house and was acting delusional; Megan Benicker, 31, of 2005 N. Third St., Ironton, arrested.

Violation of protection order, assault — 4400 State Route 141, Ironton, June 19, woman alleged man who she has a protection order against came onto her property; suspect allegedly shoved the woman’s father; William McKee, 46, of 1173 County Road 1, South Point, arrested.

Theft, carrying concealed weapons — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 19, man allegedly took earbuds and phone cases from store; was allegedly in possession of brass knuckles; Robert Rogers, 21, of 922 Ninth St. W., Huntington, arrested.

Assault, grand theft — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 20, two men reported being assaulted by a woman in the parking lot; woman allegedly stole man’s car with boat attached to it; woman and vehicle found at residence on County Road 1; Felesha Dickess, 26, of 115 Township Road 509, South Point, arrested.


Jail Log

— Lujean Young, 62, of 3576 County Road 21, Chesapeake, commitment June 20 by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Akia Brown Jr., 18, of 1727 Offener St., Portsmouth, trafficking in marijuana, possession of marijuana, contributing to the delinquency of a minor June 18 by the Coal Grove Police Department.

— Jennifer Flora, 26, of 2009 Madison Ave., Huntington, probation violation June 18 by the LCSO.

— Justin Moore, 26, of 512 Boyd St., Russell, Kentucky, commitment June 18 by the LCSO.

— Chasity Hammond, 20, of 1117 1/2 S. Fifth St., Ironton, assault June 17 by the Ironton Police Department.

— Keith Hicks, 29, of 301 Third St. W., South Point, domestic violence June 17 by the South Point Police Department.

— Jesse Jackson, 35, of 1905 1/2 S. Seventh St., Ironton, probation violation June 16 by the Ironton Municipal Court.

— Joshua Johnson, 27, of 930 27th St., Huntington, warrants for arrest June 17 by the Proctorville Mayor’s Court.

— Jeremy Layne, 36, of the Grandview Inn, South Point, warrants for arrest June 16 by the LCSO.

— John Lindbeck, 73, of 1509 S. Fourth St., Ironton, disorderly conduct June 18 by the IPD.

— Jessica Pennington, 19, of 384 Township Road 1026, South Point, warrants for arrest June 18 by the LCSO.

— Rose Pinkerman, 31, of 1905 1/2 S. Seventh St., Ironton, warrants for arrest June 16 by the LCSO.

— Marcus Sloan, 18, of 1505 Lawrence St., Ironton, commitment June 18 by the LCSO.

— Alexis Simpkins, 25, of 897 Township Road 88, Proctorville, commitment June 17 by the LCSO.

— Christopher Thomas, 30, of 308 Second St., Ironton, assault June 17 by the IPD.

— Thomas Walls, 25, of 1855 County Road 30, Kitts Hill, warrants for arrest June 16 by the LCSO.

— Stephen Wilson, 33, of 1675 County Road 52, Ironton, parole violation June 17 by the adult probation agency.