Police Reports-07/06/16

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jail Log

— Samuel Giles, 24, of 556 County Road 13, Willow Wood, domestic violence, using weapons while intoxicated July 5 by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.


Sheriff’s Reports

Inducing panic — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 30, man allegedly intoxicated and carrying a gun around store; gun found to be plastic; Christopher Johnson, 24, of 246 W. Sixth Ave., Huntington, arrested.

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Domestic violence — 7400 County Road 107, Proctorville, June 30, woman alleged boyfriend hit her in the face; Brandon Freeman, 26, of County Road 36, South Point, arrested.

Criminal damaging — 11000 block State Route 93, Pedro, June 28, pool punctured.

Domestic violence — 1900 block County Road 31, Chesapeake, July 4, man allegedly hit woman in the face; Brian Maynard, 51, of 445 Township Road 1055, Proctorville, arrested.

Grand theft of motor vehicle — Private road off County Road 16, Pedro, July 2, stolen vehicle allegedly crashed into tree by driver; driver allegedly fled on foot; Richard Bundy, 35, of County Road 16, Pedro, cited to court.

Felonious assault — 1600 State Route 775, Proctorville, July 2, woman alleged man pushed her and tried to choke her and struck her in the leg with a motorcycle; Jeremiah Dingus, 31, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence — 11000 block County Road 1, Chesapeake, July 2, woman alleged adult son hit her in the mouth; Chase Sims, 21, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence — 80 block Township Road 124, Chesapeake, July 2, woman alleged husband was intoxicated and became violent; Christopher Brumfield, 50, of the same address, arrested.

Theft — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 27, woman allegedly took items from store; Shelia Beller, 45, of 7922 Linda Circle, Catlettsburg, Kentucky, cited to court.

Disorderly conduct — 100 block Township Road 616, South Point, June 27, allegedly intoxicated woman trying to force her way into a residence; Melissa Weaver, 34, of 140 Township Road 616, South Point, arrested.

Theft — Wal-Mart, South Point, June 27, man allegedly attempted to steal items from store and return them for gift card; Willard Meeks, 53, of 936 Washington Ave., Huntington, arrested.

200 block County Road 406, South Point, June 27, man allegedly telling people he was a federal agent and harassing people at local businesses; Dana Angalet, 56, of 3131 Winchester Ave., Ashland, arrested.

Assault, burglary — 100 block Township Road 1161, Proctorville, June 27, man allegedly intoxicated kicked woman and tried to fight her and another woman; David Barry, 47, of Demaria Street, Proctorville, arrested.

Domestic violence — 13000 block County Road 2, Scottown, June 29, man allegedly injured woman’s face; Terry Qualls, 42, of the same address, arrested;