Fair pays many benefits

Published 10:55 am Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On Sunday the Lawrence County Fair kicked off in its typical inestimable style — with its mile-long parade. This year, there were the most floats ever in its history as the young 4-Hers show what they are made of — young people who are not afraid of hard work, discipline and giving their all at all times.

For many, the fair is the time they and their families take a week off for their vacation. It may seem strange for most people for vacation time is a time when there are few if any activities or responsibilities. But that is the direct opposite for 4-Hers. Yet they seem to thrive on taking care of their animals, what they call their projects.

This year, there are close to 400 young people competing for the top prizes of grand champion and showman. But as fair board president Randall Lambert says, it is always a time for the older kids to reach out to help the younger ones. Lambert remembers well his time as a 4-Her and the 10 years he helped his daughter, Tonnette, as she competed. They got to spend quality time working in the barn with the animals. In fact, Lambert said as he watched his daughter grow through 4-H, he knew that whatever life threw at her, she could handle it.

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While for many the fair is a chance to ride amusement rides and eat blooming onions, the real reason for the fair is how it builds character and responsibility, which will stand these youth in good stead as they go through life.