Ohio motto added to courtroom

Published 10:25 am Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friends, family and courthouse employees gathered in the courtroom of Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge D. Scott Bowling for a special dedication on Wednesday.

Above the jury box in gold letters now displays the motto of the state of Ohio: With God, all things are possible.

Bowling’s assistant, Talitha Patterson, read a statement prepared by the judge, saying he is a “major proponent for the separation of church and state.”

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“As government typically does a bad job at governing, why would we want the government involved in church?” the statement continued. “Our forefathers clearly attempted to create a nation where people could worship the one true God in spirit and in truth. The mottos in the courtroom reflect that tradition. Our government leaders shout that the violence must stop, but the problem in our nation reflects a problem within the human heart. Only with a true revival in the one true church will our nation be healed. May God bless our great nation.”

The dedication was made in remembrance of the fallen officers in Dallas, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Michigan, and was followed by a luncheon and prayer by Zach Heaberlin. John Paul, Lenny Campbell and Ryan McKee also spoke and David Lambert gave the closing prayer.