Yards reflect community pride

Published 9:11 am Thursday, July 21, 2016

When driving the streets of Ironton, you can really tell which residents take pride in the appearance of their home and yards and which ones don’t.

Foot-high grass is usually a big indication that either a home is abandoned or owners live out of the area, or the residents just don’t care to keep the grounds maintained. Or they physically cannot take care of it themselves.

Whatever the reason may be, the city health department is cracking down on not only what is an eyesore for the community, but a potential health and safety hazard.

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Currently, the health department is in the process investigating or cutting the grass of more than 50 properties in Ironton. That means more than 50 yards are potential havens for snakes, wild animals and mosquitoes.

While the health department is working as quickly as it can to take care of these properties and fine the owners, there is still a notification process to adhere to, and, likely, some of these yards will become overgrown once more if owners don’t start taking accountability for their properties.

It will take a little community support and action to help those residents who may be unable to help themselves. If you live near a veteran or senior citizen who can’t get out and cut their own grass, offer a little of your time to help.

While that won’t solve the city’s entire overgrown lawn issue, it’s a start, and one that might foster a little more community pride.