Owner needs to pay taxes

Published 10:27 am Tuesday, July 26, 2016

No one likes to pay taxes. But everyone has to, though, and the money goes toward services that we all like and certainly need. Most importantly, much of that money goes toward schools, police and EMS services.

That’s why when anyone doesn’t pay his or her taxes, it is serious. That is the case, once again, with Mark Harris, the owner of Biomass, who has consistently not paid his property taxes to Lawrence County on parcels he owns at The Point industrial park, just a stone’s throw from the acreage the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation has developed. Just because Harris’ business is headquartered in central Kentucky, shouldn’t make a difference.

Right now the entrepreneur owes the county close to $22,000. That includes back delinquent taxes as well as what is owed in taxes for this year. This is not the first time Harris has owed the county money. More than a year ago, his property went up on the auction block and Harris showed up at the last minute to pay off the taxes. Some time later, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation was able to buy a couple of Harris’ parcels. But those were just for safety measures and can’t be developed.

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That’s why the prosecutor’s office as well as the county treasurer’s office should be commended for taking this matter seriously by pursuing legal action that will get the county the money it is deserves and potentially give the LEDC land it can eventually develop into jobs.