Hillary Clinton not fit for president

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why do you tell your children and was raised to tell the truth. Yet when it comes to politics it never matters. That is, if you are a Democrat.

So many would vote for Adolph Hitler if he ran as a Democrat, like Hillary Clinton, no matter what lies that she has told.

It’s perfectly OK to vote for her. Her lies about the server that she used were not supposed to happen. And she told her staff not to use them.

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However she is above the law and sent and received classified messages on a regular email server.

People before were fired for the same thing, but because she is a woman and a Clinton, that makes it all right for her. If she put America in harms way then, just what will she do if elected.

This woman isn’t fit to even run for public office. Just what would it take to open the eyes of a Democrat?


Homer Campbell