Great job, students

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get children engaged in schoolwork. It’s boring, complicated or hard to focus on.

For some children, however, as is the case for three Ironton Elementary School students, they can’t get enough of their favorite subjects.

Recently, two third graders were honored for ranking highly in the Accelerated Reader program, while a fifth grader was lauded for his perfect scores on his standardized math tests.

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Evelynne Gallion and Khamil Martin each rank in the top 1 percent of about 1 million students participating in the program. If you don’t already know what Accelerated Reader is, it is a program in which students read books and take computer tests to earn points. Points are based on the difficulty of the reading material. Gallion scored 787 points, and Martin scored 538 points, which basically means they each read a ton of books.

Bryson Burcham earned perfect scores two years in a row on his state standardized math test. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say most adults could not accomplish the same feat.

More than just understanding the material, Burcham said he actually liked math and wanted to learn as much as he could.

Considering there are so many outlets children could choose to spend their time on, like video games, watching TV or surfing the Web, these three Ironton students should be commended for their dedication to seeking knowledge and expanding their minds.